5 Common Myths About Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem cell treatment is making major strides in the medical and can treat and prevent many health conditions. The therapy aims to replace damaged cells in the body and can be administered intravenously. Although this therapy has been around for years, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. Here are a few common myths about stem cell treatment. Stem Cells Just Come from Embryos One of the main reasons some people are against stem cell therapy is because they think stem cells only come from embryos.

22 December 2020

How A Locum Tenens Stroke Doctor Helps Produce Strong Second Opinions

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Stroke treatment is often a very challenging situation because individuals going through this treatment may struggle with some types of care options. Complications, failures of treatment, and much more can all make this a scary situation that may require a second opinion to properly manage. And high-quality locum tenens stroke doctors may be able to help manage situations like these as they worsen. Coherent Stroke Treatment is Very Important Strokes often affect people in a myriad of different ways, which can make treatment a major challenge in some situations.

19 November 2020

How A Pharmacy Can Help Protect A Person With A Non-COVID-19 Cough

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The spread of COVID-19 has caused many cases of hypochondria over the last several months. Some experience a cough and suddenly find themselves diagnosing their condition as COVID-19. But if they take a test and find that their cough is not related to this disease, they may still need help. And a pharmacist at a drugstore is a good choice. Coughs Have Many Causes During these pandemic days, it is understandable that people get upset and concerned when they suffer from an unexpected cough and think that it may be COVID-related.

21 October 2020

How PRP Stem Cell Therapy Helps Athletes With Torn Muscles

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Athletes competing at a high level put a lot of strain on their muscles and the other tissues in their bodies. Unfortunately, all of this effort and strain may cause them to suffer injuries — such as tears — to these body parts that can be quite painful and hard to tolerate. Thankfully, care options are available to decrease this problem's impact, such as PRP stem cell therapy methods. Torn Muscles Are Very Painful

18 September 2020

A Look At The Common Myths About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Just like women, men can reach an age when their bodies no longer produce a sufficient level of testosterone. Low testosterone can bring about a host of unwanted symptoms, including mood swings, lowered sex drive, and lack of energy. It is important to talk to a testosterone replacement therapy physician if you suspect you have a problem with your testosterone levels. However, many men will put off talking to a doctor at all thanks to some pretty common myths.

30 July 2020