A Look At The Common Myths About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Just like women, men can reach an age when their bodies no longer produce a sufficient level of testosterone. Low testosterone can bring about a host of unwanted symptoms, including mood swings, lowered sex drive, and lack of energy. It is important to talk to a testosterone replacement therapy physician if you suspect you have a problem with your testosterone levels. However, many men will put off talking to a doctor at all thanks to some pretty common myths. Here is a look at some of the most common myths about testosterone replacement therapy for men and the actual facts you should know as a male. 

Myth: Testosterone replacement therapy is only for older men. 

You do not have to be an older man to have issues with testosterone, even though this is perhaps the biggest misconception you will hear as a man. Men of just about any age can have issues with testosterone levels, especially men with medical conditions that can affect free testosterone levels in the blood or men that take certain medications. For example, men who take methadone for opioid addiction have lower levels of testosterone

Myth: Most men on testosterone replacement therapy experience "roid rage."

Roid rage is a term used to describe what happens to men that have too many steroids in their bloodstream. While taking too much testosterone could potentially lead you to having issues with excessive agitation, it is rare for this to happen when under a doctor's care because they will be directly monitoring testosterone levels in your body during treatment. Roid rage is most often an issue for men who take steroids illegally without a supervising physician in order to build muscle or achieve a greater level of endurance. 

Myth: Testosterone will make your genitals shrink. 

For whatever reason, this has been a popular myth for a long time, and it is another one that is potentially related to steroid abuse and not legitimate testosterone therapy offered by a physician. When provided in monitored doses, it is highly unlikely to see any change in the size of your genitalia. As a side note, you will likely not see a change in the size of your genitals, but what you may notice is a higher sex drive and better sperm production during therapy, as low testosterone levels can be related to erectile dysfunctions and lowered levels of fertility due to lacking sperm production.


30 July 2020

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