Questions To Ask When Getting A Second Opinion On Cancer Treatment

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Being diagnosed with cancer is a big deal. With a diagnosis this serious, it is never a bad idea to get a second opinion. If there is another cancer care center within a few hours of your home, paying them a visit is wise. You can see one or more oncologists, gain more insight into your diagnosis, and explore the possibility of treatments different from the one that was originally recommended. So, what questions should you ask during a second opinion appointment? Take a look.

Could there be a different diagnosis that fits?

Some cancer diagnoses are not as cut and dry as others. The first doctor you saw may have interpreted your test results to mean you have a certain kind of cancer. But it is possible that there are other diagnoses that would fit. A different diagnosis could mean a different approach to treatment and a different prognosis overall. The doctor may tell you they agree with the first doctor's diagnosis, or they may say they think a different type of cancer is more likely.

Are there any other tests you should have?

Sometimes running more tests will tell the doctors more about the severity of your cancer and how to best treat it. Every cancer care center has access to somewhat different tests. So, it's worth asking whether this second clinic recommends any additional tests for further insight. They may even refer you to an outside specialist for some more specific tests.

What are the alternatives to the most common treatment?

The first doctor who diagnosed you likely told you what the most common or reliable treatment method for your type of cancer is. When you get a second opinion, it's helpful to ask if there are any alternative approaches. For example, the cancer care center you're at could be running some clinical trials you could participate in. Or, they may advise you that there's a less invasive method with a success rate almost as high as the more conventional approach. Even if you end up going with the conventional treatment, it is always good to have choices and to understand them.

If you ask these three questions when getting a second opinion, you should leave the cancer care clinic with a much better understanding of your diagnosis, how it was confirmed, and what your treatment options are. Nobody deserves to get cancer, but treatment has come a long way.

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7 June 2023

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