6 Tips to Help Ease Your Back Pain

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Many patients don't think about their back until it hurts. And when it does, the usual solution is to take some aspirin and put up with the pain until it goes away. But you can do things to ease the discomfort and prevent future problems, and here's how.

1. Get Moving

The first step is to get moving. Exercise helps keep your back muscles strong and flexible, reducing pain. It also helps improve your overall health, further reducing your risk of back pain. Many types of exercise are suitable for your back, including walking, biking, and swimming. 

Yoga and Pilates are good exercises for people with back pain because they strengthen your back and abdomen muscles. Consult with your doctor to determine which activities are most appropriate for you.

2. Change Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your back can cause back pain because it puts stress on your spine. Sleeping on your side is better because it spreads the weight evenly. Use pillows to help keep your spine in alignment and for extra comfort. Back pain accompanied by numbness in your legs can occur with a herniated disk.

3. Avoid Being Sedentary 

When it comes to back pain, sitting for long periods is one of the worst things you can do. Every 30 minutes, take a break to stretch and stroll around the room.

When you have to sit for an extended time, be sure to take regular breaks and move around as much as possible. You might also consider using a lumbar support cushion or pillow to help keep your spine in alignment.

4. Use a Heating Pad

A heating pad can provide relief by increasing blood flow and helping to loosen tense muscles, and it can also help reduce inflammation. 

5. Lose Weight if Needed

Carrying extra pounds can put a lot of stress on your back, aggravating the pain. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce or even eliminate back pain. Additionally, eating a healthy diet will help keep your spine strong and flexible. 

6. Seek Help from a Doctor 

Back pain can indicate various issues, such as muscle strain, arthritis, or a slipped disc. Contact your medical clinic if your back pain doesn't improve after a week of home treatment, or is accompanied by other problems like numbness in your legs. 

A doctor can help you identify the source of your pain and prescribe medication or treatment that will help you feel better.

If your back pain is severe, you may need surgery to correct the problem. However, in most cases, a combination of medication and therapy can help you recover from back pain and resume your normal activities.


15 March 2022

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