Causes and Treatment Options for Teeth Misalignment in Adulthood

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Most people with misaligned teeth are either born with the problem or get it in their childhood. However, you can develop dental misalignment even in adulthood. Below are some causes of crooked teeth in adulthood, and how you can deal with the problem.


Here are the top causes of misaligned teeth in adulthood.

Illness or Injury: Anything that affects your jawbone or the connection between your teeth and the jawbone can result in teeth misalignment. For example, a tumor growing in the jaw can push the teeth out of its usual position, creating a misalignment. Another example is extreme or untreated periodontitis, which can weaken a tooth's attachment to the jawbone and allow it to move out of alignment. 

Tooth LossTooth loss can also trigger misalignment by allowing the adjacent tooth to move into the position vacated by the missing tooth. The neighboring teeth will also lean into the spaces created by the first teeth, triggering a domino effect that can lead to extreme alignment.

Aging: Your teeth naturally shifts and moves over the years. Teeth movement with age can also throw your teeth out of alignment. The effect is even more likely to be pronounced if you had misaligned teeth in childhood and you had orthodontic treatment.


Most people can correct their dental misalignment regardless of age. Here are some of the specific treatments that can help.

Braces: Dental braces are not just for kids; they can also be used to treat misalignment in old age. However, the treatment period might be longer for adults than kids. The braces are available in the form of metal, ceramic, and clear aligners.

Tooth Replacement: If your alignment is caused by a missing tooth, then your orthodontic treatment should also be accompanied by tooth replacement. Otherwise, the aligned teeth will just move out of position again or the treatment might not be successful. Tooth replacement options include dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures.

Surgery: In extreme cases of misalignment, you might need dental surgery as part of the treatment process. This might be the case if your misalignment is rooted in a jawbone defect that needs a surgical intervention to correct. The surgery may be accompanied by other forms of orthodontic treatments.

Contact a dentist's office if you have noticed some extent of misalignment on your teeth. The dentist will diagnose the cause of the problem and help you get your teeth aligned again.


11 December 2019

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