Signs of Alcoholism You May Not Be Aware Of

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If you have a friend or family member that you suspect has an alcohol problem, but you aren't exactly sure if they have a problem or are just a social drinker, there are signs you can look out for. Some alcoholics hide their alcoholism well, even avoiding certain people, certain situations, or the topic of addiction, which may make it difficult to tell if someone has an issue. Read on for alcoholism signs to watch for.

Skipping Meals and Drinking Instead

If the person is skipping out on eating meals and instead drinking their breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can be a sign of alcoholism. The person may also skip meals in an effort to keep their buzz. If you notice the person doing these things, you can try to eat a meal with the person to see if they will consume food or alcohol, then gently bring up the topic of them not eating and your concerns about it.

No Hangover

If the person rarely or never has a hangover after drinking heavily, it's a sign of alcoholism. Usually, high-functioning alcoholics drink so much and so often that there is always some alcohol in their body, which means they never have a hangover. If you notice that the person has drank heavily and is able to function well the following day without a headache or feeling of being nauseous, it is a sign of a high-functioning alcoholic.

Withdrawal Symptoms

If the person drinks so much and so often that you notice withdrawal symptoms if they go without for a day or more without a drink, it's a sign of alcoholism. Some withdrawal signs you may notice are shaking, anxiety, irritability, or sweating. The person may also become restless, depressed, uncomfortable, or even angry. If you see this happening with the person, don't try to discuss alcoholism with the person, as you may not know how they will respond to you. 

Hiding Alcohol

A person with an alcohol problem may hide alcohol throughout their house, garage, car, or even at work. If you find hidden alcohol or find empty bottles or cans hidden in the trash, or hidden elsewhere, the person may be trying to hide their alcoholism. 

Most alcoholics will avoid the topic of alcoholism and addiction, which can make it difficult to get the person help. Don't give up on this person, as they need you in their corner. Talk to an alcohol rehab counselor about ways to help this person and how to approach the topic to get this person the help they need.


6 February 2019

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