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If you have had a tracheostomy tube installed at a hospital, you are undoubtedly aware that you will need to take care of yourself when you get home. Routine cleaning is a part of tracheostomy care, and you must take the time to do it properly to ensure that your health is not compromised. Here are some cleaning tips that will help you with tracheostomy care.

Cleaning Your Tracheostomy Tube

Both plastic and metal tubes can be cleaned with a gentle soap and water from the tap. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to enhance the sanitation process. However, there is one exception, you should never use hydrogen peroxide on tracheostomy tubes that are made from sterling silver, since it may cause damage. If your tracheostomy tube has a cuff, then you need to make sure that it does not come in contact with chemicals or any detergents you may use to clean your tracheostomy tube.

Taking Care Of Your Skin

The skin around the area where you had the tracheostomy will need to stay clean. In order to ensure this, you will need to keep the skin around the neck opening dry and sweat free at all times. Clean the skin around the neck opening with water and some mild soap two times daily. If you notice sores, drainage or odor coming from the area, consult your doctor immediately, because there may be an infection present.

The Basics Of Care

The little things you do every day matter when it comes to tracheostomy care. Here are three basic things you should never forget to do:

  1. Wash your hands before and after you clean your tube and the skin area around your tube.
  2. Clean hands are not just for you, they are also for the person or persons assisting you. Make sure they wash their hands before and after helping you.
  3. Keep your mouth as clean as possible. Your saliva may contain germs that can cause infection to creep into your airway. You will need to brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily to prevent this.

Taking care of yourself after you have had a tracheostomy is extremely important because you want to ensure that you are making progress toward getting healthy as quickly as possible. Carefully follow the tips and guidelines given above, and you should be well on your way to staying healthy while wearing a tracheostomy tube.

Contact a local clinic that provides tracheostomy services for more information and care tips. 



12 September 2018

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