Are You Looking For Medical Personnel In A New City?

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Leaving your present home to move to a new city can certainly bring mixed emotions, can't it? On one hand, it's probably exciting to know that you'll be having new experiences and that you'll be making new friends. However, it might also be daunting to leave that which is familiar behind. Leaving close friends and family members can be tough, but that's not all. Realizing that you'll also have to start from scratch in establishing yourself with medical personnel in your new city might be downright disturbing. From asking your present doctors to give you names on doctors they can recommend to actually visiting new medical offices, here are some ideas that might help you as you look for medical personnel in your new city.

Communicate With Your Present Providers - Are you already established with a family doctor, an OB-GYN doctor and a dentist? Perhaps you even see specialists for things like diabetes and other illnesses. Your present doctors and your dentist might know doctors and dentists in your new area. For instance, your family doctor might have attended medical school with a doctor whom he respects who practices in your new city. If so, he or she will more than likely be very happy to actually call ahead of time to tell his or her associate of the fact that you are looking for a doctor.

Visit The Medical Offices - Of course, it is more than likely that you feel good about the referrals you've been given by your present medical providers. However, there's nothing like visiting a medical practice in person so that you can get a feel for how you and your family members will be treated. Go to the referral doctors and dentist so that you can meet them in person. Also, check out the office staff. Is the receptionist welcoming and friendly, while maintaining a professional demeanor? Ask how messages are handled. For instance, if you call the office for a prescription or to talk about concerns regarding the medication you were prescribed, how long will it take for somebody qualified to call you back?

Consider finding a doctor that can treat your entire family. Find a family doctor that is comfortable with kids and who will give you enough time to address concerns and questions once you see him or her. Wouldn't it be great to go to a family doctor who can treat your child's sore throat and who can also help you through your menopausal years? Contact a medical group, like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc., for more help.


6 December 2017

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