Signs That Your Son Has Sustained A Whiplash Injury In Football

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Having a son who plays youth football puts you in the challenging position of wanting him to succeed but also finish each game without being seriously injured. While bumps and bruises are difficult to avoid during a football game, a serious injury that is possible is whiplash. While this injury is common in automobile collisions, it can also take place in football — especially as the players age and get bigger, stronger, and faster. Many youth football players won't automatically disclose their injuries, for fear of being put on the sidelines. As you watch the game and monitor your child afterward, here are some signs that he may be nursing a whiplash injury.

Snapping Back Of Head

Keep your eyes on your child whenever he's on the football field, as this will allow you to potentially notice whether he's been injured. If your son receives a whiplash injury, it's probable that you'll see his head snap forward and then back. For example, if he's running with the ball and runs into a defender at full speed, your son's body will stop but his head will continue — and jolt forward and then backward. This incident can occur even if your son isn't carrying the ball. In football, blockers are often subject to collisions that can lead to whiplash.

Favoring The Back

The impact of a whiplash incident can be so severe that it can lead to pain in the upper back. Your child may not let anyone on the football team know about this pain, so watch how he moves. If your child appears stiff while playing or shies away from making or receiving contact, it's possible that he's nursing an injury. Similarly, if you see your child wincing on the sidelines or perhaps trying to stretch out his upper back, it's possible that a whiplash injury has occurred.

Complaining Of Pain Afterward

Once you and your son are home from the football game, you'll have a better ability to see how he's feeling. Sometimes, he may come right out and tell you that he has whiplash. In other cases, he may complain of neck pain, upper back pain, or headaches. These are all potential signs that a whiplash injury has taken place, so it's time to call your local chiropractor, someone from a place like Hiler Chiropractic and Vax-D Decompression Center, and arrange a visit for your child. An injury of this nature may keep him out of action on the field for a while, but it's important to get addressed for your child's long-term health.


26 September 2017

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