Four Natural Ways To Help Reduce Your Seasonal Rhinitis Symptoms

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The most common cause of rhinitis is allergies. Most sufferers do not experience a chronic version of this type of rhinitis, but a seasonal one. Seasonal rhinitis (also known as hay fever) can be debilitating to people every time there is pollen in the air. Although there are certain medications to help with your cough, runny nose, puffy eyes, and other symptoms, many people have found relief with an alternative, natural treatment. The following are four ways that you may find helpful for your hay fever:

Drink green tea daily

Teas, in general, can help with hay fever, if only because the hot steam from the tea will relieve congestion. But green tea is more than just hot steam. Green tea is at the top of the list for many ailments, but for sufferers of hay fever it is particularly beneficial because it is known to block histamines. It is best to drink it hot because boiling water breaks down the tea and releases all of the beneficial chemicals. If you live in an area that causes you problems at certain times of the year, you should begin drinking a cup or two each day before the pollen season arrives.

Use garlic in your food

Garlic is one of the most important foods among those with anti-inflammatory properties, and this is extremely important to relieve hay fever symptoms as inflammation of the membranes in the nose is the chief cause of congestion. A diet rich in garlic can help reduce this inflammation. Again, like green tea, you should begin consuming food made with garlic prior to, and during the pollen season.

Add chili peppers to your diet

Red peppers, chili peppers, cayenne peppers and most hot peppers contain capsaicin. This is the chemical that makes them hot. Capsaicin contains an amazing number of benefits to people, but specifically for hay fever, it reduces congestion and clears the nasal passages. In addition, it is know to reduce headaches, which can be frequent with some hay fever sufferers.

Cut back on your dairy consumption

Along with the ideas above to help reduce your hay fever problems, you should also reduce your dairy input during pollen season. Dairy foods increase the production of mucus, and that is the last thing you need during pollen season.

Never neglect your medication for hay fever; however, medication can only do so much. The remedies above should help reduce your hay fever symptoms and increase the quality of your life during pollen season. Contact a medical office like Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center PS for more information and assistance. 


7 September 2017

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