Is Your Child Having Vision Problems? What To Know About Blue Light Damage Prevention

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If your child is already suffering from some type of ocular health or vision concern, limiting the amount of blue light they are exposed to throughout the day is important. There are a lot of problems when the eyes are exposed to large amounts of blue light frequencies without red light frequencies there to balance it out.

You want to see an ocular professional, such as those found at Macuhealth, to test the eyes and to see if any vision problems are detected with your child. You also want to do the following things.

Limit Exposure

You can limit the amount of exposure for you and your child to blue light by doing the following things throughout the day:

  • Make phone calls instead of sending texts
  • Print off emails or other online documents
  • Read real books instead of ebooks
  • Limit television exposure

These are just some of the ways that you can give your eyes a rest and that you can prevent the amount of damage that could be ahead of your child.

Get Protective Eyewear

There are glasses with protective lenses that can be worn to protect your child's eyes from getting damaged by the electronics that they are exposed to throughout the day. You'll want to have them wear these glasses when they want to watch a television show, play a video game, or use the tablet or computer.

Take Vitamins

Talk with your ocular professional to see what type of vitamins and supplements they think would be best for the current vision problems that your child has or to see if they can use these vitamins to prevent macular degeneration in the future. These may be vitamins that are easy to take, are affordable to purchase, and make your child's vision stronger for years into the future.

You don't have to stop your child from doing some of the things that they like, but you still may want to start reducing the amount of time that they are looking at a screen, regardless if it's in their hands or on the wall. If you don't already have an eye professional that you trust and use, you'll want to consider finding one in your network right away so they can examine your child's current vision and so they can make sure that there isn't something that needs immediate attention for your child's eyes. Then you can move forward being productive to protect their vision.


21 December 2016

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