Consult With A Weight Loss Doctor For Post-Treatment Steps After Non-Surgical Laser Lipo Sessions

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"Proper diet and exercise" is constantly cited as the best approach to losing weight. Diet and exercise do have an effect on the body, but not equally for everyone. Certain persons may suffer from morbid obesity and cannot lose weight. Through seeing a doctor at a medical weight loss clinic, a different approach can be taken, including prescription therapy. Patients who lose a lot of weight may be thrilled about their new look, but not very thrilled about the stubborn remaining fat that won't go away. To help eliminate the remaining fat, doctors at weight loss clinics are offering non-surgical laser lipo to help get rid of the remaining fat. Non-surgical lipo is not the same thing as traditional surgical liposuction though. The patient has to do a bit more work to ensure the laser process is effective.

A Liposuction Alternative

The various processes that use "low level laser light" to shrink body fat are not forms of liposuction, but they are referenced as a form of lipo because, honestly, people are familiar with what liposuction is. The laser light process, however, does not remove fat via a surgical suction. Instead, the laser light causes fat to exit cells and venture into the bloodstream. The cells shrink in the same way they would from a diet but, this time, spot reduction is achieved. Numerous sessions, however, are required since only a small amount of cells can be treated at one time.

Post-Laser Treatment Steps

While noninvasive laser treatments are sure to be embraced by those totally unwilling to undergo surgery, a basic point about shrunken cells must be understood. Not properly burning up the released fat could mean it will reabsorb. Discussing options for post-procedure work with the doctor is critical to achieving a desirable outcome. The two things to discuss are:

Exercise Intensity

Those who are healthy and in good shape can hit the gym hard afterwards. A person who is being treated at a weight loss clinic should follow his/her doctor's suggestions about how to exercise to burn the released fat. This way, optimal health can be maintained and risky exercise sessions are avoided.

Dietary Changes

Cutting carbs to keep sugar out of the bloodstream is suggested online by amateur weight loss experts. Taking anonymous advice without a doctor's okay could be problematic. Again, those who are under medically supervised weight loss programs have special health concerns that might need to be addressed.

Undergoing a Physical

A proper physical and even blood work may be beneficial for someone concerned about his/her health when changing diet and exercise routines. Asking a doctor about blood work, physicals, or anything else should yield an informed, helpful, and medically sound opinion.

The bottom line here is always check with a physician before taking part in any post-treatment diet or exercise program.


21 December 2016

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