I Don't Like My Glasses! 4 Signs That Your Child Is Ready For Contact Lenses

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If your child is asking for contact lenses, it might be time to make the switch from glasses. It can be difficult to determine when your child is ready for them, though. You don't want to get contacts for them before they're mature enough to handle the responsibility. So, how do you decide when your child is old enough for contacts? Here are four signs that your child is ready.

They Have Household Responsibilities

Contact lenses are a big responsibility. If your child does their chores without assistance, and without repeated reminders to do them correctly, they may be ready for contacts. Keep a journal of how often your child needs reminders to do their chores or needs to be told to do them correctly. Once you no longer have to provide reminders, they should be prepared to care for their contacts on a daily basis.

They Keep Themselves Clean

Contact lenses must be kept clean. Dirty lenses can lead to eye infections. If your child still likes to get dirty, but hates to bathe, now might not be the best time to consider contacts. However, if your child keeps themselves clean, bathes without being reminded, and practices proper hygiene, they're probably mature enough for contact lenses.

They've Asked for Contacts

If your child is asking for contact lenses, this might be a good time to talk to your optometrist about the transition from glasses to contacts. Children often ask for contacts after they grow tired of wearing glasses or when glasses begin to interfere with their activities or social life. Once your child asks for contacts, wait for a while before speaking to the optometrist. If your child continues to ask, you'll know they're serious about contacts.

They're Active in Sports

If your child is active in sports, glasses can interfere with their ability to play the game properly. In most cases, your child will be left with two choices. Play without glasses, or play with them on. Unfortunately, both options can lead to injuries for your child. If they don't have their glasses on, they won't be able to see properly. On the other hand, if they leave their glasses on, they can suffer cuts and eye injuries if the glasses are damaged while on their face. Once your child becomes active in sports, it's time to make the change from glasses to contacts.

It can be difficult to tell when your child is ready for contacts. Use the tips provided here to decide when it's time to talk to an optometrist like those at The Eye Center about contacts for your child.


28 September 2016

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