Why Getting The Right Diagnosis For Your Sinuses Is So Important

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The pain and congestion from a sinus infection are no fun, and being unable to stop the infections can be frustrating. One problem people often encounter when dealing with sinus infections is misdiagnosis, both in misdiagnosing the sinus infection as something else, and misdiagnosing something else as a sinus infection. That's why it's so crucial to see a specialist who can determine exactly what is causing your sinus problems. The list of potential misdiagnoses is diverse -- sinus pain can mask a wide range of problems.


Pain in the front of the face is a typical symptom of sinus infections, but it can also be the sign of a migraine. Rather than take repeated doses of antibiotics, which aren't going to help a migraine, you would be able to seek correct treatment and learn coping skills that will help make the pain more bearable.

Allergies and Colds

When sinus problems first start up, they are often brushed off as allergies or colds. It's really when the pain and other symptoms continue that the possibility it's a sinus infection shows up on the radar. However, even that might not be the end of it because, frustratingly enough, the sinus infection could actually be part of an allergy. In other words, you can have both. A specialist such as an ear-nose-throat doctor or an allergist can administer tests to see exactly what's at play. That will eventually let you see how much of your issues are allergy-based and how many are sinus-infection based and allow you to get adequate treatment for both.

Valley Fever

Valley fever is a fungal respiratory infection caused by spores that live in the soil in certain parts of the United States. When the soil is kicked up an inhaled, the spores can lead to illness. However, the level of severity of a case of valley fever varies from person to person, with some having almost no symptoms and others having long-term problems. Sinus infections tend to be bacterial or viral, meaning that if what you have is really valley fever, none of those sinus medications are going to get rid of it. A specialist can give you a blood test to detect the fungus.


This is a rare situation, but sometimes cancers of the neck and respiratory tract are misdiagnosed as sinus problems. Sometimes it's a self-misdiagnosis, because you obviously don't have imaging technology at home, but other times someone who is not a specialist will just brush off the symptoms. But the right doctor will note abnormalities that require further testing.

If you've been having repeated sinus problems, contact an ENT or another ear-nose-throat-type specialist to get further detailed testing done. Don't wait because that will just delay your getting the right treatment. Contact a company like Rochester Otolaryngology Group PC for more info.


10 August 2016

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