Afternoon Brain Fog Got You Down? Four Ways You Can Beat That Midday Slump And Charge Ahead


Most people who encounter that midday slump at work reach for coffee or a caffeinated soda. However, that only works for so long and then your brain and body want to shut down again. It becomes a constant rollercoaster of caffeine consumption and exhaustion, one that many people would rather not ride in the first place. So how do you reawaken your brain enough to get moving after lunch and stay motivated through the end of your work day? The following four ways can help, and they do it without caffeine.

Vitamin B Complex

Your vitamin B's are the energy vitamins your brain needs and craves. If you pop a vitamin B complex supplement with your lunch, you may be surprised at how much more energy you have and how much clearer your thoughts are. This is why so many producers of energy shots and energy drinks stick vitamin B supplements in their drinks. The only difference between the energy drinks and the pill you take is that you will not have to deal with the sugar or caffeine crash that comes with consuming the energy drinks (high amounts of sugar and/or caffeine are part of the "energy" in energy drinks, and if you are trying to avoid sugar and caffeine, they are some of the worst things to reach for). 

Mind-Focusing Inhalers

Smelling salts have an updated modern version. It is the mind-focusing inhaler (such as one from Way Of Will), and it is quite safe. These inhalers are made with essential oils and diffusers, allowing your brain to be activated by invigorating odors; scents that have an awakening effect on the brain. You are not "huffing" nor inhaling anything dangerous or illegal--the smells from the oils simply help your brain out of a funk by giving it a different sensory experience than the odors it has been experiencing all morning in the office.


A quick lap or two around your office building outside helps too. You can jog it or walk it briskly. Either way, be sure to expose your arms and face as much as you can to the sunlight because it helps reset your internal clock so that your body is not ready for sleep at two in the afternoon. Also, getting the blood going gets more oxygen to your brain, which slacks off a bit after lunch because the blood is routed to your GI tract to help with digestion. Bright sunlight and a quick lap or two outside should perk you right up.

UV Bulbs

If your office uses fluorescent lighting all of the time, consider investing in some UV bulbs, at least for use at your desk or cubicle. UV bulbs simulate natural light, which causes your brain to "wake up" because it recognizes the daylight and daytime as a time to be awake and moving. All of that fluorescent light causes your brain to become sleepy because your brain naturally associates artificial light with nighttime, darkness, and sleep. Install a few UV bulbs where you sit all day and regularly use these light to brighten your space, and you should notice a difference in productivity within a few days or so.


22 April 2016

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