Headed Back From Maternity Leave? How Can You Continue Breastfeeding?

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If your maternity leave is ending soon, but you and your baby have just gotten into the swing of breastfeeding, you may be reluctant to leave him or her for much of the day and potentially set back your progress. Fortunately, advances in breast pump technology make it easier than ever before to pump out your regular supply while at work or even commuting, letting you produce breast milk for your child to drink at daycare and reserving evenings, nights, and weekends for one-on-one bonding time. Read on to learn more about your best breast pump options when returning to your job after maternity leave.

What should you consider when selecting a breast pump to use at work?

One fear many women have when switching from round-the-clock breastfeeding to breastfeeding alternating with pumping is a drop in supply. To prevent this from happening, you'll want to select the most efficient and high-powered breast pump possible. Not only does a high-powered breast pump help you finish the job more quickly, it ensures that your body doesn't slowly begin to taper the amount of milk it produces because an underpowered pump isn't fully draining your breasts.

You may also want to consider a double breast pump that will allow you to simultaneously empty both breasts. This can speed the pumping process along, minimizing the amount of time you'll need to spend in a closed office or conference room while at work. If you have an office job, an automatic (rather than a manual) pump can also let you answer emails or otherwise multitask while producing milk.

If you have a lengthy commute and carpool with a partner, you might also want to consider a battery-powered breast pump. This portable pump can allow you to pump while riding in a vehicle, ensuring that you're never caught in heavy traffic without access to a pump.

How can you pay for your new breast pump? 

Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal government has mandated that all health insurance companies cover the cost of the rental or purchase of a breast pump, even if your child was born a few months ago. Your doctor will help you decide which pump is right for you and work with a durable medical equipment (DME) provider to get you outfitted with a breast pump at no cost. If you're not happy with the breast pump provided by your insurance company, you may be able to purchase a used or refurbished breast pump on an online auction site. Contact a company like Worthy Medical Supply for more information.


13 April 2016

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