Why Your Baby Appears To Be Developing Acne And What To Do About It

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Most parents assume that they won't have to help their child deal with the embarrassment of acne until puberty, but sometimes that soft and clear baby skin develops the signature bumps despite the child being only a few months old. Don't panic and assume your child is going through a serious hormonal problem. Baby acne is a simple and common problem that usually clears up on its own, but visiting a dermatologist can also soothe your fears if you're not sure if it's acne or a rash.

What Causes Baby Acne?

Don't worry that your diet during pregnancy or your infant hygiene practices caused your baby's unexpected breakout. While baby acne does come from the mother, it's due to the hormones that flood the baby during the last part of pregnancy. These hormones help prepare the baby for life outside the womb in many ways, but they can also lead to red or skin-colored bumps on the infant's face a few months after they're born. The same hormones that kick off the baby's ability to breathe on their own also cause the skin's oil glands to start working, and some infants are simply prone to producing more skin oil than others.

How Should Baby Acne Be Treated?

The worst thing you can do for a baby with bumpy cheeks is to start using the acne products designed for teens and adults. These acidic treatments are too strong and will cause a much more serious skin reaction with redness and peeling. Even moisturizing lotions designed for babies can make the acne more noticeable by clogging more pores. Stick to a basic face washing routine with water alone, or use a mild baby soap on the face only once a day. Wash the face with water any time your child's face is covered with a potential irritant like detergent residue on a bib or a splash of formula.

When Is It Time to See a Dermatologist?

Baby acne can strike anytime from birth to around the end of the first year, but it's most common in the first few weeks of life. You should seek out the advice of a dermatologist for acne eruptions that last beyond this time frame because there could be an underlying skin condition causing the pimples and whiteheads. Also, get an appointment with a physician if the bumps change color from red, white or skin-toned, or if they spread to the rest of the body. Contact a dernatoligist, Henry E. Wiley, III, M.D., for more help.


29 February 2016

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