4 Tips For Incorporating Protein Powder Into Your Weight Loss Routine


Protein powder is a good addition to any weight routine. When your goal is to lose weight, you need to be more cautious about the powders you choose. Otherwise, you may find the scale creeping back up.

Study The Labels

There are many protein powder sources and each one may come in a variety of flavors. You need to look carefully at the labels because some have too many carbs for someone who is trying to lose weight. The amount of carbs and calories you should choose will depend on your dietary goals and how you will incorporate your protein powder. If you will use a flavored powder as a meal replacement, slightly higher calories and carbs is more acceptable than if you are using your powder as a light snack pre or post-workout.

Go Organic

Consider shopping for organic protein powders, especially when the powder is derived from an animal source. You want to minimize or eliminate the possibility that animals have been treated with hormones. Added hormones can significantly affect your weight and disrupt your hormone balance, especially if you are a female. It also helps to opt for organic meat and other animal products, such as dairy products, which may also contain hormones.

Choose The Right Source

You may need to experiment with different protein sources and brands before you find one that works well with your body and weight loss goals. Furthermore, you also want one with a good taste so it is easy to integrate into your diet. Although whey protein is a good source, you may notice bloating, even with minor lactose intolerance issues. If you choose to continue using whey protein, do not worry about changes on the scale. These fluctuations are likely to even out as you become accustomed to using whey.

Soy is one alternative source of protein and is used by many people who are lactose intolerant. If you typically experience gas or bloating with beans and legumes, you may have similar effects with soy powder. As a male, you may want to stay away from soy protein powder, due to phytoestrogens. A dairy-free alternative would be powders made from brown rice or hemp. With any type you try, purchase a small container or find samples and try it for a week before you consider it a permanent addition to your diet.

Mix It Up

Protein powder is not only for drinks. Mixing up your use of protein powder can help you add the supplement without becoming bored. Unflavored versions will give you the most versatility. You can experiment with cooking and baking using protein powder. If the powder you choose has no discernible taste and dissolves easily, you may want to add it to coffee or pasta sauce, similar to the way you can use powdered fiber supplements.

Adding protein powder to your diet is another tool in your weight loss efforts. With many flavors and protein sources available, there is usually a powder for everyone and it can be incorporated into most foods. For more information, contact a company such as Do Vitamins. 


9 February 2016

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