Learn How To Help A Loved One Overcome A Substance Addiction

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When someone is trying to overcome a substance addiction, such as alcoholism, it is important for the family to know what to expect during this rough period in the person's life. There are many ups and downs that the person will go through, and having the support of their family can make all the difference in the world when it comes to their recovery. The following guide walks you through a few ways a family can help a loved one overcome a substance abuse addiction.

Keep the Substance Away from the Person

If your loved one is addicted to a substance that is considered to be legal, such as alcohol or prescription medication, ensure the substance is not kept in the home where they will be living. Many people make the mistake of thinking that an addiction is only a mental issue. That is not the case at all. Some addictions are more physical than mental and require for the person to be completely separated from the substances in order to have success. If they see you drinking a beer or a glass of wine, it may make them crave the substance, which would not make their recovery any easier.

Be Patient and Kind

When someone is going through recovery, they will often be very short tempered and moody. Their body and mind will be going through changes and they may be experiencing withdrawals. Be patient with them and understand that the way they are acting is not who they are. It is the substance leaving their body that is causing them to lash out or act irrationally.

Offer a Listening Ear or Shoulder to Cry on

When someone is going through recovery, depression can cause them to feel horrible about themselves. They may have done things in the past that they regret and feel that all of the situations that they have put themselves in the past have made it impossible for their loved ones to ever forgive or love them again. Let them get out the pain they are feeling so that you can reassure them that it is going to be a hard fought battle worth making.

Professional Treatment Can Help

As your loved one tries to overcome their addiction, meetings with professional treatment advisers can help them learn what to expect as they go through substance abuse treatment and how to deal with the metal, physical, and emotional aspects of their recovery.

The road to recovery is a long and hard journey for the person battling their addiction, as well as a time that is filled with pain and agony on a physical and emotional level. Once someone overcomes their addiction, their fight is not over. They could still relapse and having a strong support system can help them stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives.  


6 January 2016

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