Emergency Preparedness When You Live In A Small Space

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Disasters can strike at any time and it is important to be prepared. However, it can be challenging to store anything extra when you live in a small space. Here are some of the things you must have and how you can store them.

1. Water. Store as much as you can in old soda bottles or milk jugs, at least 72 hours worth per person. You can put them in closets or under your bed. Beyond that, store some things you can use to purify water. You can use tablets, bottles with carbon filters, or a few drops of bleach (two drops per liter), or you can boil it for at least five minutes (though this won't remove metals or dirt). These things will take less space than actual water. Study where you could find water nearby in an emergency and put a list of options or a marked map near your stored water just in case. Click this link for info about 5 ways to purify water.

2. Warmth. If your power goes out during the winter, you will need some ways to stay warm. Some smaller items you can store are:

  • hand and foot warmers (ones that you can boil and reuse are great) 
  • space blankets
  • plastic and duct tape to cover windows 
  • wool socks
  • thermal underwear 

Place these items in a flat box and slide it under your bed or put it high in a closet. 

3. Light. This one is easier. Some simple flashlights, extra batteries, matches, and 100-hour candles are all you need. The candles can add a little extra heat to your room, as well. Put them in your room where they can be easily reached at night if the power goes out. 

4. Food. Extra food can take up a lot of space so this one is trickier. The easiest thing to do is to buy buckets of dehydrated food. They can stack easily on top of each other in a closet, though remember that you will have to have water to rehydrate them. Spaghetti noodles and pasta sauce, protein shakes, energy/protein bars (they make some that have 400 calories per bar), and dehydrated/canned meat are good to store. 

5. Fuel. If you are going to cook any food, you have to store some extra fuel. A small one-burner butane stove and some butane canisters are perfect for small spaces. They take up very little space and are very cheap so you aren't out much money if you never use it. It can be used safely inside, though it is good to make sure you have good ventilation. Stack them under a sink next to your toiletries. 

Don't use your small space as an excuse to avoid emergency preparedness. Some small items would make a huge difference in an emergency. Plan ahead, get creative, and you will be prepared!   


9 October 2015

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